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Dan’s diverse, broad ranging business and life experiences combined with deep organizational and behavioural knowledge has made him one of the world's most sought after coaches and consultants.

He recently agreed to be profiled on the web because of many requests around how to more easily contact him and Leadership and Coaching International Inc. (LCII). He explains: "my clients' organizations impact over 1,000,000 employees. In order to support these high profile leaders in a very confidential and personal way my role often requires me to operate in the shadows. Therefore, in the past, I have not made information about myself and our company easily available. In this age of internet connectivity, we need to be more accessible. This site is meant to provide a quick overview of our services and remove any barriers to contacting me or LCII."

Dan is surrounded by an elite team of ten people who have been carefully handpicked over ten years and are located in several global cities. They are world-class in their skills and experience. They are dedicated to providing singular, high quality solutions. LCII follows a "coaching philosophy" around our deliverables which could be best summarized by the old saying: "better to teach someone to fish than give them a fish."


From the man who said, "I'll never write a book!"

Daniel Yolleck is a person who has had his own share of trials and tribulations. He has overcome them with a mastery born of decades of disciplined work to transform his being. His name “Daniel” fits him well as he has lived in the lion’s den and flourished.

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"The Way to Enlightenment in the New Millennium"



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