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"Steve Jobs, perhaps the greatest businessman and innovator of the 20th century sponsored this. Apple provides the tools for you to think different. Great coaches provide the support for you to think different."


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Leadership is a DIRECT VARIABLE to results. If you put in place a weak leader they can ruin a good company, and vice versa - a good leader can turn around a bad company.

A leader does not produce results; a leader builds an organization that produces results.

Leadership is a verb. It requires action.

Real leaders have "followers", not "employees".

Leadership requires an understanding of human dynamics.

Leadership is a relationship between those who lead and those who choose to follow.

Values, beliefs and character are the glue of enlightened and successful followership.

The best engagement metric is to look into the faces and eyes of your employees.

Most leadership advice in books is too abstract to be implemented.

Leadership development is not a one-time event or offsite; it is an ongoing process.



Many people repeat the same situation over and over again, as they lack the appropriate conceptual tools to overcome their problem.

A coach understands pain points and how to create urgency in the moment to change.

The "how to get there" plan needs to be sufficiently actionable.

We need to develop the coaching relationship to where we can discuss everything, including the things you do not want to discuss, as these are often people's biggest derailers.

We need to diagnose primary cause, not secondary cause. Proper diagnosis is critical to right solutions and may take time.

The lack of failure does not mean things are working.

A better question than "why?" and "who?" is: "How did I let this happen? What is it about me that created this situation?"

The first step is to be aware that you have a problem.

One component of coaching should be 'just in time' learning.



Human behaviour, contrary to what many believe, can be predicted with amazing accuracy.

Take healthy responsibility instead of blaming others, if you want to change a situation.

Be curious about others and you will find interesting things about them to connect around or learn.

The art of conversation drives relationships.

Put passion into your passions.

Listen in order to learn and create relationships.

Affection creates the basic climate for growth.

Organizations & Performance

Implementation, not ideas, is the key to success.

People want to know that you care.

You succeed today by how fast you learn, not by what you know.

Performance is not necessarily determined by resources, but by decisions --- so make better and faster decisions than your competitors.

Denial leads to failure.

You cannot grow faster than your ability to get great people.

You must be relentlessly focused on change in order to win.

Brains and IQ are important, but drive and determination are more unusual and necessary for success.

Do the members of the organization have sufficient commitment to each other to implement the strategy?

Stop talking about the future and talk more about how to get there.

Language is the tool of change.

Using the word "journey" linked to visions and change indicates transition, transformation, adventure and discovery.




The four critical factors for success are:

• strong goal clarity
• high achievement drive
• healthy emotional intelligence
• excellent social skills


Failure comes early in life and your career; success takes time.

Our identities cannot grow in isolation; people need interactive dialogue to develop.

Journeying is built into us. The scope of that journey depends on our courage.

People need attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and allowance in order to develop into full human beings.

We live in stages.

Rebounding - not letting failure get you down - is a critical life skill.

We choose our responses and therefore we are accountable.

"Your life is your message" --- Gandhi.


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