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  The Way to Enlightenment
in the New Millennium



Who is the Author?

Born in Toronto, Canada, Daniel Yolleck was a small, high strung, and emotional child who lacked confidence. He was forced to face his own shyness and introversion when he got his first job as a bill collector. In his early twenties, he worked in communist Yugoslavia and apartheid South Africa. These adventures helped him understand how the world organized itself in political and cultural systems. Upon his return, he visited his grandfather’s grave and asked for power and success. This totally eluded him for decades. He failed miserably at everything he did even as he believed that he was following the values and success principles of his society. During that time, he lost everything three times in business and suffered through a difficult marriage and divorce. He was overweight and in poor shape.

These situations caused him to do a total reassessment when he was forty-two. He began to act slowly to reclaim his life. It started simply by walking. The goal was to move and to re-energize himself. His physical capabilities began to increase. In one moment, on a stationary bike, he lapsed into spontaneous meditation for one hour. Other people noticed. He was determined to pursue that state. He discovered that he had done literally everything that the spiritual books recommended to be ready for meditation and transformation. He naturally fell into yoga before it became popular. He pursued it passionately, both physically and philosophically. He read voraciously on spiritual topics. He had a unique talent to be able to read and to apply what he absorbed. He ultimately became a part-time yoga teacher. This allowed him to develop an understanding of how to teach and design learnings in unique ways. He had an ability to sense his students in the room and the energy emanating from them. He taught his classes with his eyes closed and mystified people at how he knew the poses they held.

Along the way, Dan found the classic Chinese book the “Tao Te Ching.” After many readings, he determined to commit the entire book to memory. He meditated on every line of the book for one and a half years. Once it was ensconced in his mind, he was able to bring its classic insights to every interaction by reframing its words for each individual’s needs.

As his inner calm and knowledge increased, more people came into his orbit. He was encouraged to become a coach at the very beginning of the movement. He initially resisted but finally took an introductory course in coaching. In a matter of weeks, he was told that he himself should teach coaching. He did for a while. When he began to coach, it was with a high sense of responsibility and commitment to his “clients.” He considered it a great honour and a badge of trust to be their coach. Dan strove in every way to give each conversation high value. No effort was too small. He became world class at behavioural assessment and dove into that world. He believed that behaviour was the key to understanding people and effecting individual change, leading to larger scale change. He held deep debriefing sessions with hundreds of people from different countries, cultures and companies around the world. It was a hothouse of learning as people openly shared their inner beliefs and thinking with him. He developed into a master facilitator, travelling to exclusive and beautiful environments around the world where he would help diverse groups effectively tackle complex leadership and strategic issues. Each time, he would return from these adventures as a transformed person. He was living on the high octane of incredible experiences - intellectually, emotionally, and physically. There were hundreds of these experiences over a decade.

The comments were always the same. When will you write your book? The answer was always the same. I am not going to indulge in an ego-based self-promotional exercise that repackages old ideas. I am going to dedicate my time to impacting people. It was ALWAYS about the other person.

The interesting thing about his years from forty-two to sixty-five was that everything occurred in his life as if by master design. He found the right life partner to love and keep him grounded. His divorce taught him how to love his daughter and son unconditionally and unselfishly. A book or idea would present itself before he needed it. He would meet the right people at the right time. He could recount stories that amazed people and illuminated their own journeys. Every step along the way, no matter how small, had meaning. He became aware that this master design was guiding his life. He began to appreciate his harmony with the world and to rely on it. He would often think, my life has been marvelous and if it ended today I would have no regrets.

During those two decades, he prayed for more insight and wisdom to help others. He fixated for a while on developing a third eye to see more clearly. He dealt with difficult global business issues with ease, certainty and complete clarity. People complimented him on his ability to reinvent himself. He had many nicknames, including YODA. He loved his life and everything it gave him.

He honoured his past and especially revered his failings. Everything was an opportunity. Curiosity was his starting point. Every person was an adventure to explore and an opportunity for him to find and share their interests. Every book was a chance to meet and hear directly from a passionate author. Life was full of wonderment. He had health issues in his sixties, but he knew they were part of the master plan. They would better help him understand the human condition.

Then, at sixty-five another “miracle” occurred. Below is the email that he sent to his family, friends, colleagues and clients, announcing a new phase of his life.


Hi Everyone,

A lot of people have been asking how I am doing. I want to update you as I have received the pathology report. The brain tumour I have is called a GLIOBLASTOMA. It is non-curable. I will begin radiation and chemotherapy to control it. I may be eligible for a clinical trial of a new drug. My reaction to this medical diagnosis is: "So what? We all are living lives that are non-curable. Life can end at any point and I will have many more great days. I intend to continue, as always, to squeeze the most out of every moment I have with great optimism and positivity.

Physically, I am close to 100%. I have no symptoms and some random tiredness. I am walking around and listening to music. I have written a book that literally poured out of me. I will share it with you. Its not about me which I would hate. Its a guide book for the journey to enlightenment in the new millennium. My sister - with over 20 years in publishing - is editing it now. I will self-publish for friends and interested parties.

Emotionally I am a rock. I am very happy. I feel that I have been presented a unique opportunity to have great and truthful conversations. I am animated by a sense of kindness to all and freedom to be totally myself. I like how emotional I have become. I totally believe that the operation opened my mind in a unique way to the external world and caused changes that are allowing me to access perceptions and wisdom not available to others. Think about it: of the billions of people on the planet over time, how many have had this unique opportunity to activate their brain cells? It is awesome.

Let me close by explaining Dan Version 8. Eight is a very powerful infinity number which is closed on all sides. It represents the balance between the human and spiritual world. It is about access and potential to do incredible things. Power to create is one of its implications. It describes perfectly my current state of mind.

My friends, please do not despair for me. Your support has been magnificent and is working. Your positive vibes have been the wind in my sails. I feel it now. It is giving me the momentum and energy to live the rest of my life with flair, elegance and happiness.

Thank you all and hope to talk with you soon!

Dan (Version 8.0)


For decades, Dans signature tag has been "Create a Great Day!" Recently he has changed it to "Create a WONDERFUL Day!

His fervent wish for you is to create your own WONDERFUL DAY and SEE THE WONDER OF YOUR LIFE!


The Way to Enlightenment in the New Millennium (e-book version) is available at:

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