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LCII is a boutique coaching and consulting group that supports organizations in leadership coaching, leadership development, change management, and organizational effectiveness. We do this through coaching senior leaders, facilitating leadership meetings, organizing and supporting large attendance meetings, and conducting behavioural assessments. We also guide leaders through the development, design, and implementation of their change management and employee alignment programs.

Scope of Activities & People Resources

LCII has relationships of over ten years standing, with five Fortune 200 companies and several other large clients. This has required the development of an elite team of world-class coaches, facilitators and consultants spread out across the globe. Half of our activities take place across Europe, the Middle East and Africa; another 40% are in the USA and Canada, from New York to the Silicon Valley; and the remaining 10% are in other parts of the world. We provide an understanding of global issues and an appreciation of the multiple regional and local business concerns, along with their cultural implications.

Our business has grown by focusing totally on our clients and over-delivering on their expectations. Although growth is not our stated goal, it has clearly become a measurement of our clients' satisfaction and constantly changing areas of our work. The quality, experience, and commitment of our coaches and consultants are the key to delivering the outcomes that our clients need. Within our elite team, six senior world-class people form the core of our practice.


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