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Dan in Yoga headstand

"As a yoga teacher, I always preferred the headstand. Why? Because it reverses the gravitational pull of the earth and you see the world from a totally new perspective. Consider what an experience like that teaches you."

Company Dan

"Exceptional coaching means knowing the right questions to ask and a true commitment to the coaching relationship. You need to find the coach who has both the experience and special behaviours to do that."






My life journey has taken me through many experiences. They have forced me to change and learn in order to become "successful" in terms that are meaningful to me. That journey included three business failures, a divorce, and health issues by my mid-40s. My unhappiness with these difficult situations forced me to reflect, regroup and change. Over the next decade I managed to re-engineer my life and thus created incredible happiness in the areas of relationships, finance and health. A small part of that journey involved becoming a yoga teacher and creating significant business and financial success. People constantly asked me to coach them. Initially I hesitated because I thought it was almost a sacred obligation to be able to enter a coaching relationship at the highest level of technical proficiency in order to be true to a coachee. Finally, I took some coaching courses and was soon asked to be on the faculty of the university. A fast and natural progression took me from there to clients, and ultimately to a global presence in coaching. The learning from this is: I know that people can change if they want to --- because I did!





The organizational component of our practice developed from the need to support clients around those organizational issues that prevent them from executing their broader business strategy with complete success. Understanding both coaching and organizational issues allows us to play a unique role. We coach leaders through the practical issues of creating change and alignment. Our goal is to make this a replicable process and skill for them to use throughout their career.

The coach has a special obligation to be supportive, challenging and available to their client. This entails a commitment, trust and responsibility that is more encompassing than the typical business relationship. In order to do this, fit is very important. Our guarantee to our clients is that we will completely co-own the engagement. If the coaching relationship will not work or needs to change, then we will initiate that discussion. As coaches, we do not want to create dependencies. We want to help our clients reach their goals and then to mutually understand when to move on. The coachee's agenda and their ultimate good are at all times our overriding goal.


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